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Download our Screen Capture, Macro and Spam blocking software that will save you time, and make your life easier!

Print Screen Deluxe is the Pick of the Week!

Screen Capture Be more productive!

Print Screen Deluxe

Capture, edit, and share exactly what you see on your screen.

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EZ Macros

Automate common keystrokes and mouse clicks to speed up your work.

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Here's what some of our users say:

"Print Screen Deluxe was like a triple shot espresso. Plus I had to put my socks back on because it knocked them off."
- Don Watkins pcnet-online.com

"If you're looking for a way to save time and make yourself far more productive, check out EZ Macros. It automates just about any task for you so that your computer does all the work --- not you."
- Preston Gralla

"Get your Congressperson to pass a law requiring everyone to buy Print Screen Deluxe.  This would be the single most effective way for the federal government to increase business productivity. Once someone uses Print Screen Deluxe as a result of such a law, the voters would remove terms limits so that those intelligent elected officials who voted for such a law could remain in office in perpetuity."
- John B. Tampa, FL

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