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Internet EZ Search makes searching the internet fast and easy!

EZ Search Logo Internet EZ Search - Makes Searching The Internet - And Your Computer - Fast and Easy!

Internet EZ search lets your computer talk to all of the major Internet search engines at once! And it's designed to save you time and effort while searching the Internet and World Wide Web. You can use the built-in "categories" to search the entire Web, or just specific parts of it. Search in specialized areas like politics, email, business, finance,
games, and more. The ability to search specific areas cuts down on your search time. Internet EZ Search automatically saves your search results so you can come back to a search anytime. You can also specify the intensity of your search .. a single word, multiple words, or an exact phrase. Whether you want to search the entire Internet, or just certain parts of it, Internet EZ Search will do it for you and it does it very fast!

Internet EZ Search does a great job of searching the Internet, but it can search your hard disk as well! Tell Internet EZ Search what text you're looking for and it will go out and find it on your computer. Have it search all your drives, all subfolders, or just specific folders. A fast way to find exactly the file you're looking for. A large number of file formats can also be viewed in Internet EZ Search. So, whether you want to search the Internet for information or find a letter you wrote to Mom, Internet EZ Search can do it quickly and easily.

  • Searches the Internet using multiple search engines at once
  • Search the entire Web or just selected areas
  • Categories make it easy-to-use
  • Search for a single word
  • Search for several words
  • Search for a phrase
  • ALL results are automatically saved
  • Can search your entire hard disk for specified text
  • Easily find letters and other documents
  • Views a wide range of file formats
  • Searches are fast and easy!
  • Utilize "List View" or "Web View" of results

Screen shots. Click one too zoom in.

Main Window of EZ Search in List View mode Main Window of EZ Search in Web View mode
Search the whole Internet Search the files on your PC

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