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American Systems will never willfully disclose individually identifiable information about its customers to any third party without first receiving that customer's permission. You can sleep well knowing your information will not leave our offices.

How is the information we collect used ?

We keep a database of our users names and email addresses for product update and upgrade notifications. When we release a new version of any of our software titles, we send a message to all of our registered users and let them know. 

Will this personal information ever be used for any other purpose ?

The only time we would ever use your personal information for any other reason is to aid the proper authorities in finding fraudulent credit card charges or in finding those responsible for illegal distribution or piracy of our software.

Will American Systems ever sell this information to a third party for advertising ?

Are you kidding ? Nope. No way.  Never. Not a chance. 

If you have any further questions regarding our usage of your personal information, please contact me personally.

I hope you would join our mailing list.

Matt Porter
President & CEO
American Systems

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