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pcricon.gif (1071 bytes) PC Remote is an intuitive, multi-faceted program that lets you access another computer from a remote location. Designed to be flexible and inexpensive, PC Remote lets you access another computer across a network, on the Internet, on the computer serial ports, or through a modem connection. Now you have multiple ways to access the data you need. PC Remote is the low cost solution for accessing remote computers.

Who has access to the host (remote) computer is determined by you and is totally secure. You can assign others a username, password, and determine whether or not they can transfer files. This makes it easy for you to allow a family member or coworker to access the remote computer. You can clearly see everything on the other screen and have full control of the keyboard and mouse. You can access files on your work computer from home and quickly download them. Copy data to the clipboard on the remote computer and it automatically appears in the clipboard on your computer! PC Remote also lets you create macros that you can execute across the connection to get results on the other side. And, if you should need more resources to do another task, you can pause the flow of data between computers and resume it when you're ready!

On a LAN, PC Remote can scan to see what computers on the network are running the host mode and are available. For a modem connection, PC Remote automatically detects your modem and what COM port it's using. You can also link two computers via their serial ports and use PC Remote to transfer files back and forth. Whether it's accessing files on your work computer fifty miles away or copying files between your PC and your laptop, PC Remote gets the job done quick and easy.


  • Lets you access another computer from a remote location
  • View the other computers screen and control the other computer's keyboard and mouse
  • Send and receive files to and from the other computer
  • Create macros that execute repetitive tasks
  • Browse the network to see what other computers are running PC Remote
  • With EZ Scheduler, you can schedule sessions to run and execute repetitive tasks on a regular basis
  • You determine who can connect to the host
  • You determine what users can transfer files
  • Connect to a computer across a LAN
  • Files for download are in a specific folder
  • Connect to a computer via modem
  • Connect to a computer on the Internet
  • Connect to a computer via serial ports
  • Pause the connection and resume later
  • You select between image quality and speed
  • Capture text from the remote computer in your clipboard
  • Create "profiles" for connections use frequently
  • Expand remote view to full screen
  • Complete control of keyboard and mouse
  • Live Update technology provides fast program updates

Screen shots. Click one too zoom in.

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