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  • Is Spam bogging down your entire organization? 
  • Is Spam swallowing your server and everyone's Inbox with it?
  • Are you tired of people complaining about Spam?
  • Spam Crusher Enterprise is your answer.

BEFORE (with Spam)

Without Spam Crusher Enterprise, your e-mail server accepts, and stores all the spam which puts an extra unnecessary load on your employees

AFTER (without Spam)

"I'd personally pay $150 a month for this software! This makes our email usable again."
- Martha S. 

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Spam Crusher Enterprise is a server side spam filter that blocks unwanted email for your entire organization.  It acts as a gateway between the Internet and your email server...allowing only the good email to get to your coworkers. 

It is VERY easy to set up.  It takes 2 minutes and then you are everyone's hero because you are blocking their spam.

It does not affect the email your coworkers send out.

Your coworkers will be able to use their web browser to login to Spam Crusher Enterprise to look at their filtered mail and decide if they want to delete it, or salvage the mail.  They will also be able to add people to their friends list and specify key phrases that identify good and bad email.

Security?  Your coworkers user their existing Email User Id and Password to log in.  You don't have to set anything additional up!


Step 1. It literally takes 2 minutes to install.  Once you install you then add your email accounts for your company.  You can have Spam Crusher Enterprise query your email server to get your list of accounts in seconds.  Or export your email accounts from your email server if you like and import them into Spam Crusher Enterprise.  Just login as 'admin' and follow the on screen instructions.

Step 2. Next  you go to your DNS and change your MX record from your existing email server to now point to Spam Crusher Enterprise, then you are done.  Spam Crusher will start filtering all your company email.

Your coworkers will then login to the URL you give them to view and salvage or delete their spam.

Scalable?  Spam Crusher Enterprise can handle 1, 10, 50 users or 50,000.  The software itself is not limited.  In fact there are parameters that you can tweak to speed it up or slow it down. 

Email us about Spam Crusher Enterprise

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Spam Crusher Enterprise runs as a "Service" on NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.  It requires a web server that runs ASP such as Internet Information Server.  Spam Crusher Enterprise will work with ANY email server, even Linux, and Unix.

Click Here to Download

NOTE: This is only for organizations that can host their own mail or route their own mail.  This is not for the average home user.  If you are a home user and need to block spam, click here to learn about our Spam Crusher for the PC.

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