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Spam Crusher plays a happy "bweep" sound when you receive good email in your inbox.  It plays a "buzzer" sound when you receive spam in your trash.  This allows you to run Spam Crusher in the tray (click the X at the top right).  When Spam Crusher is in the tray, it is out of the way and still working hard to eliminate spam for you.
When you hear one of these sounds you can click the Spam Crusher icon in the tray to display the Spam Crusher window.
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If you have more than one account that Spam Crusher scans you can set up different unique sounds for everyone.  You can set up one set of sounds for Mike, one set of sounds for Carol, and one set of sounds for Kate, etc. 
The way you do this is by going to their email account settings. 
Click <Preferences> to see the list of accounts.
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On the window that appears, go to the bottom and click <Browse> for and choose a new .WAV file to play. 
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