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American Systems provides user support to registered versions via mail, and/or telephone.
American Systems will answer questions and resolve serious bugs for the first three months after registration.  For problems involving a specific hardware or software environment or feature, we may choose not to modify the program.  In that case, if a problem is reported within three months after purchase, then we shall offer to refund the user's purchase price.
If a bug prevents you from evaluating Spam Crusher during the first 30 days (prior to purchase), American Systems  will attempt to assist but is not under obligation to resolve issues beyond our control.
                     Need Help with Spam Crusher?
                     Do you have a question for sales?
                 Visit our online discussion group on our web site for further help with Spam Crusher. 
                     American Systems
                     5424 Rufe Snow #320
                     Fort Worth, TX, 76180
Please share the evaluation version of Spam Crusher with others for the purpose of evaluation as long as it is unaltered and distributed in its entirety.   

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