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If you want to alter the way Spam Crusher behaves, click the <Preferences> button.
There are several things you can change.
1. Change your email account settings or password
2. Change how often Spam Crusher checks for email.
3. Change the hot key that displays Spam Crusher when it's in the tray (by your clock).
4. Tell Spam Crusher to only accept email from your friends.  It assumes that you have email addresses listed in your Friends list.
5. Tell Spam Crusher to automatically delete email that contain file attachments with given file extensions.  This feature is for those of you who receive a lot of viruses.  Many times viruses come in a .PIF or .BAT file.  Spam Crusher can simply delete them before your email program gets to them.   Thus stopping the virus from getting to your PC.  Good anti-virus programs will also intercept these files.
Image autodelete.GIF
You can add file extensions yourself by clicking the <Add> button. 
6. Set the maximum message size that Spam Crusher will download and examine.  Many times if someone is sending you a large file attachment it is from a friend or coworker.  Spam Crusher will not download large emails to save you time.  This is very nice if you are on a 56K line (or slower).  You can set the maximum size that you want Spam Crusher will download here.
Image maxmsgsize.GIF
7. Change your default email program.

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