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Here are just some of Spam Crusher's features:

·Configure how often Spam Crusher checks for email
·Easily add new friends directly from the Trash Can
·Add new filters right from the Inbox
·Automatically start Spam Crusher when Windows starts
·Set a "hot key" to bring the program up
·Set a "Mail in" and "Spam filtered" sound for each account
·Turn sounds on and off by account
·Launch your email program to get your mail
·View your email right from the Spam Crusher Inbox
·Turn sounds off for ALL accounts (mute)
·View any email right from the Trash Can
·Set Spam Crusher to delete old SPAM every so many days
·Delete some or all filtered emails immediately
·Check ALL accounts now!
·Password protect the filters so children can't see them
·Have Spam Crusher delete emails with certain attachments, like .PIF, .BAT, and the like
·Salvage any email directly from the Trash Can
·Pause Spam Crusher operation
·Live Update to automatically get the latest version
·Filter update every 14 days, if desired

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