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How does Spam Crusher work?
Spam Crusher works best for you when it is always running.  Spam Crusher will run when you start your PC unless you disable the option in <Preferences>.
We recommend that you do not leave your email program up constantly.  Spam Crusher will notify you with a happy sound when you get good mail.  Spam Crusher will also notify you with a buzzer sound when you get a spam.
Periodically Spam Crusher will login to your email account(s) and see what email you have on the server waiting for you. If it finds any new mail it will scan them.  If it finds spam, it will remove it from your email account and store it in the Spam Crusher Trash Can. 
You can see your spam's by clicking the <Trash Can> button.  You can also see what good mail is waiting for you by clicking the <Inbox> button.  When you are ready to start sending email, click the <Get Your Email> button. 
Spam Crusher is not a replacement for your email program.  It is a compliment to your current email program.

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