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Running Spam Crusher for the first time
When you run Spam Crusher for the first time, the program will scan your computer to see if you have the following programs on your PC.



Outlook Express


Incredimail Xe


These are the most common Email programs on the market today.  Spam Crusher will search to see if you have email accounts setup in any of these programs.  If you do, you will see the following window.
Image acctlist.GIF
If you have more than one account listed, be sure that you still use them all.  Delete the ones that you don't use anymore.  Then click <Next>.
The next window has a <Connect Now> button.  Spam Crusher will attempt to connect to each email account and make sure that all of the information it collected is accurate.  Spam Crusher may ask you for your email password.  This is necessary for Spam Crusher to read and scan your mail for spam.  Please do not be alarmed by this.
Once Spam Crusher successfully connects to your email account(s) it will automatically begin scanning for spam.  You will see this window.
Image scmain.GIF
Now just click the 'X' at the top right, and you'll see a mailbox icon in your tray (by your clock.)  If you see this mailbox, you'll know that Spam Crusher is running and scanning for spam.
IImage arrow.GIF

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