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Spam that I have received - (Trash Can)
If you click the <Trash Can> button on the main window you'll see all the email that Spam Crusher has blocked.  When you decide you are ready to do something with all the spam that Spam Crusher filtered, you have several choices.
1. Let Spam Crusher automatically delete your spam when it gets old.  Just check the "Automatically Delete Old Spam" option.
2. You can View your spam.  Just double click it or selected the spam and click the <View Email> button. 
3. You can delete the email yourself by clicking the <Delete> button or <Delete All>.  Delete All will delete all the spam at once.
4. Sometimes you may find that an email that you really wanted gets filtered.  You can send it back to your inbox by clicking the <Salvage Email> button.
5. You can "Bounce" a spam.  This sends an email back to the sender, and makes them think that your email address no longer exits.  Normally the sender has a computer program that will automatically delete "bounced" email addresses from their list.  And they won't send you anything else. 
6. Finally, if there is an spam that was sent by a friend and you really wanted it, right click on it. You'll see a menu with these options:
Remove Filter - Let's say that you receive an email with the word 'offer' in it.  And you would like to receive emails with the word 'offer' in it.   Just click <Remove Filter>, and the word 'offer' will no longer be in the filter list and you will be able to receive emails with the word 'offer' in them.
Add to my Friends list - Let's say that you receive an email from a friend and it gets filtered.   Just click <Add to my Friends list> and from now on ALL email that person sends you will not get filtered.
Block all email from this email address - If you get a spam and you know that the person that sent it is a spammer - just click <Block all email from this email address> and form now on, all email this person sends you will get filtered.
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