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Share my screen shots online

Print Screen Deluxe uses to store and share files online. This is a free add on service. You will receive 1 GB of space for free.

To share files Print Screen Deluxe will ask you to download a quick and easy add on program from lets you keep an automatic backup of your important files. When you edit or add a file, ClubBackup keeps a copy of this change so you can always recover any file you may have accidentally lost or damaged.

Step 1.
Capture your screen then click the "Share" link at the top of the Print Screen Deluxe window.
Click here to share your image online
Step 2.
If you do not already have ClubBackup installed, Print Screen Deluxe will download it for you. It only takes a minute. (This only happens the first time you use the Share function. After that sharing an image is as easy as clicking the word 'Share'.

Everything else happens automatically. Once the your screen image is uploaded to you will be able to copy the link to your image to the Clipboard, or email it to anyone you like. It is that easy!!!

When you see this message the screen image is online and ready to be shared.