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Capture the Text within a window
This is an extraordinary new feature of Print Screen Deluxe that is unmatched by anyone in the industry.  Now you can click on any window (that is not a photo or image) and collect all of the text within it.
Have you ever seen a list or presentation and wished you could just copy and paste its content, but couldn't?  If so then you will love this feature.
Here's how to do it.
1. On the main Print Screen Deluxe window click "What am I capturing?" to make sure "Text within a Window" is selected.
Click <OK>
2. Hit the <PrintScreen> hot key and move your mouse to the window you want to collect the text from.
3. Click it. 
After that Print Screen Deluxe does all the work.  You will see the Print Screen Editor appear.  It will allow you to save it to a .TXT file that can be read by almost any Windows program.  Notepad, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc...
Here's an example.  Let's say you have your FTP program up and you want to grab a list of all of the files on a site. 
You would hit the <PrintScreen> key on your keyboard, and move your mouse to the file list window and click on it.  You'll see a rectangle highlight the window. 
Next the Print Screen Editor window will appear.  This is a simple Notepad-like editor that allows you to cut, copy, paste, save, or print your text.
Image PSDEdit.GIF
It's THAT easy!