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Schedule a screen print
You may wish to schedule a screen capture to run at a particular time.  We highly recommend EZ Scheduler from American Systems. EZ Scheduler is a FREE program from American Systems.  It is not trialware, it is totally free.  EZ Scheduler is specifially designed to work with Print Screen Deluxe and other American Systems products.  It allows you to run screen captures and many other types of programs Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once, When Windows Starts, and more.  You can download this program from our web site at
Notice on the Edit menu there is a "Schedule" command.  When you have installed EZ Scheduler, the  Schedule command prompts you to choose how you want to run your screen capture - Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once, When Windows Starts, etc. Select the time you want your capture to occur, and be sure to leave EZ Scheduler and Print Screen Deluxe running in your system tray. Your capture will take place at the specified time.
Below are some screen shots of EZ Scheduler.