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How do I Capture a Screen?
Start by simply hitting the <PrintScreen> key on your keyboard and let the program do the rest.
If you want to capture something other than the full screen click "What am I capturing?" on the main window.
You can select what part of the screen you want by clicking "What am I capturing" on the main window menu.  You will see the following window appear.
Image PSDScreenPart.GIF
Entire Screen - is everything you see on the screen.
Active Window - is the window that you are currently using, including the title.
Window - is the interior of the window you are currently using.  Could even be as simple as a button or a field.  You use your mouse to click on the window you want to capture.
Menu - Capture only a menu.  You open the menu then hit <Print Screen> on your keyboard. 
Clipboard Images - When you :"copy" or "cut" images to the clipboard, Print Screen Deluxe can automatically grab them and let you process them.
Selected Region - You can draw a Rectangle, Triangle, Ellipse (Circle), or a Freehand cutout of the screen and Print Screen Deluxe with let you process the image
Text within a window - Click on a window or a list of any kind anywhere and Print Screen Deluxe can grab the words within it.
With Print Screen Deluxe you can capture any of the following
·The entire screen
·The current active window
. The text within a window
·A selected rectangle region of the screen
·A selected round rectangle region of the screen
·A selected ellipse (circle) region of the screen
·A selected freehand outline region of the screen
·A selected triangle region of the screen
·A selected polygon outline region of the screen
·Any window
·Any menu
·Clipboard Images
·Clipboard Text and DOS Screens
·DirectX Screens