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Filters are the list of words, phrases, email addresses and domains that identify a spam and cause Spam Crusher block email.
Add, or Import words to the filter.
For example if you receive an email containing the domain "" or an email containing "free cash" that email will be blocked because those words are in the filter.
There are 2 types of filters.  The From filter and the Body filter.
From filter - This filter scans the email addresses of the email you receive.  If any of the words in the From filter is in an email address of an email, that email is blocked.
Body filter - This filter scans the subject an the body of the email you receive.  If any of the words in the Body filter is in the subject or the body of an email, that email is blocked.
Note: Anyone in your Friends list that sends you email will not be filtered, no matter what.
To see the words that cause Spam Crusher to block email click the <Filters> button.  You will see the following window.
Image filters.GIF
You can password protect your filters.  If you have children, or other people that you want to hide the filters from, we suggest that you password protect your filters.  This will keep prying eyes from learning web sites to go see that they do not need to see.
Just click <Password Protect Filters> and provide a password that only you will know.  And from then on, whenever anyone clicks the <Filters> button they will see this window.
Image filterspwd.GIF
If you want to see the filter words just click <Type the password> and type your password.  The original window will appear and show you your filter words.

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