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Create a video of activity on my screen
Q: "Why would I want to capture a "video" of my screen?"
A: Capturing a video of the activity on your screen can be useful for several things. You can use the video capture feature for creating tutorials for others to look at. You can, for example, demonstrate how to open a file. Family or friends new to computers can play back your capture and see exactly what you did. Print Screen Deluxe will capture every mouse movement, every click, and more. A useful tool and a picture is worth a thousand words!
Q: "How do I capture a video of my screen?"
A: To capture a video of the activity on your screen, do the following:
1. Click on "What am I capturing?" and make sure the box that says "Create a movie of events as they happen on my PC" is checked. Click "OK" to save your changes.
Image PSDScreenPart.GIF
2. Press the <PrintScreen> button, or the custom hot key you configured, to start the capture.
3. While the capture is active you (if you have a microphone) you can talk and describe what you are capturing.  Or you can plug in music into the microphone port of your PC. 
4. When you want to end the video capture, simply press the <PrintScreen> button again (or the hot key you configured).
5. You can now restore Print Screen Deluxe (if you don't have "Auto Popup" on) and play back your movie. You will be asked for a file name.  Your video is saved as a .AVI file.
6. Your default Windows video player will launch and play what you just recorded.