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Control the location on the page where the image prints
When you click "Print" you'll see the following window.
Image PSDPrint.GIF
Just click the list at the bottom of the window to change the location on the page the image prints at.  For example if you don't want it to print at the top left of the page, just click the list, and you'll see various choices.  Just select one and you'll see what it will print out like on the Preview window.
To change the default settings for the program so they will be set the way you like everytime you print something just do the following:
1. On the main window click "Options".  Then click <Printing Options>. The following window will appear.
Image PSDPrintingOptions.GIF
2. Click on the "Please print the image at" list to select where you want the image to print at.  Your choices are:
Top Left of the page
Top Center of the page
Top Right of the page
Middle Left of the page
Middle Center of the page
Middle Right of the page
Bottom Left of the page
Bottom Center of the page
Bottom Right of the page
Notice that the preview window changes everytime you select a different one.  This give you an idea of where on the page it will print.