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Import My Address Book
This is a very handy way to add all of your friends at once to your Friends list.  But you have to be familiar with Importing and Exporting data.
Warning: If you are not comfortable importing and exporting data, I would not worry about this feature.  It can get tricky if you don't know what you are doing.
Go to your Address book and export ONLY your email address to a comma delimited file or CSV file. 
Every email program is different.  If you use Outlook Express here are instructions for exporting your address book and importing into Spam Crusher's Friends list.

1. At the top of your main Outlook Express window you have an "Addresses" button. Click it.

2. A window called "Address Book" will appear. That window has a File menu at the top left. Click it, and click Export..Other Address Book.

3. A window called "CSV Export" will appear. It is asking you for a filename. This is the file that Outlook Express will save your address book too. Click <Browse> and choose a file to save your address book too. Then click <Next>.

4. Now you have a list of things that can be saved in the CSV file. Only check E-mail address. Make sure nothing else is checked. Then click <Finish>.

5. Now go to Spam Crusher. Click the <My Friends> button and click <Import>. Navigate to the new file you just created in Outlook Express and click <Open> or <Ok>.


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