Photo Wizard - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Photo Wizard?

1. Click the 'Get Photo' button at the top left.
If you have a scanner, digital camera, or other photo capture device you will see a window that asks where you want to get the photo from.

If you don't you'll go straight to step 1b.

1a. Decide if you want to get a photo from A)scanner or digital camera, or B)from a file on your PC. If you want to get a photo from your PC click 'Open a photo in an image file' and click <Next>. Go to step 1b.

If you want to get a photo from a scanner or digital camera click 'Open a photo with a scanner, digital camera or other image capturing device'. A list of all your cameras and scanners will appear in the list. Click on the one you want and decide if you want to use Quick Scan or not. Read the on screen instructions for Quick Scan.

Click <Next>. Proceed to step 2.

1b. If you choose to get a photo from a file on your PC you will see a window that asks from what folder you want to retrieve the photo. Click on the photo file. You'll see the photo in the "Preview" window. You can click on the Preview window and see the full size photo. When you have the file you want click <Next>. A window will not appear that prompts you to give the photo a name. If this is the last photo you want to get click <Finish>. If you would like to continue getting photos check the "Get another photo" box at the bottom and click <Next>

Very simple. Just click the "Publish to the web" tab and click the "Put my photos on the web" button. You will receive a very large block of web space for free. You will be allowed to purchase more later if you so desire. All we ask is that you fill out the information that you are asked the first time you click this button. Once you do this, you will never see these windows again.

If you have never created a photo album before, click the "Create Photo Album" button. Then type the name of the album you are making. Something like "My Family" or "Summer Vacation Year 2000" would be great.

Click the 'Pick a Photo' button above to pick a photo from the 'My Photos' folder and place it on an empty blank space. You can also double-click, hit the space bar, or hit the Enter key, on the blank space to put a photo into.

You can add as many pages as you wish to your album, with quite a few different configurations.

After you "Put your photos on the web" you can send email links to your photos and photo albums to your friends and family. This is a very useful feature of Photo Wizard and By emailing links you save the people you are sending photos to a lot of time. They don't have to spend a lot of time downloading photos in their email program. They can just click your link and see your photo instantly. Your friends and family will thank you!

Just click the "Email this Album" button and the link is automatically generated for you. Just type your friend's email address and go. Photo Wizard even has an address book that you can store all your friends and family's email addresses in.

Photo Wizard does not recognize my camera, can you help?

You might try reinstalling the camera software after having installed Photo Wizard. The reason for this, is because Photo Wizard might now know the camera exists unless you reinstall the drivers.

What do all the special effects that come with Photo Wizard do?

The Special Effects that Photo Wizard has, are as follows:

Brightness - This changes the overall Brightness of the image.

Contrast - This changes the Contrast between light and dark.

Sharpen - This makes the image appear more clear.

Rotate - This turns the image a specified number of degrees.

Invert Colors - This will make a negative out of the image.

Gray Scale - This changes the image to Black and White.

Hue - This modifies the colors used in the image.

Saturation - Increases or decreases the Saturation level of colors in the image.

Mosaic - This makes the image look like a stained glass window.

Oil Painting - This makes the image look like it was painted on the screen.

Emboss - This makes the image look like it was stamped on the screen.

Blur - This smears the image.

Reduce Noise - This takes out any pixels that might like a "snow" pattern on a Television.

Add Noise - This adds the "snow" pattern that you will see on a Television.

Posterize - This will eliminate colors from the image. This can degrade the appearance of the image.

Solarize - This makes the image look like it is taken from an infrared camera. This can look very cool!

Spatial Filter - This effect contains many effect from Emboss to Gradient, to Line Detection etc.

With the Fun tab, you can make Baseball card-like Sports Cards, make a Greeting Card for a friend, make a custom Calendar using your favorite images, or create a Magazine Cover using your pictures.

As for image touch-ups, you can of course do all the ones I outlined above, plus you can reduce red-eye, crop the image, add a caption to the image, and add a picture frame to the image.

How do I input my email information into Photo Wizard?

Just open up Photo Wizard and click on File..........Properties and enter the address of your email server. It might look something like

This is just an example. To get the real address, you will have to talk to your email provider.

How do I remove photos once I have uploaded them?

Just remove the photos from the album in Photo Wizard and when you upload the photos, the images will be gone.

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