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How I connect via TCP/IP using PC Remote?

All that you need to do to control a computer via TCP/IP is start PC Remote on the computer that is to be controlled, and select "Allow others to control this computer." Now click "Next."

On the next screen, just select the option that says, "On the network or internet" and lastly "Finish". This will setup your computer to be controlled via TCP/IP. Take note of the window that is on your screen now. It will say, "Waiting for a conversation on the network. Your current IP Address is xxx.xxx.xxx.x" Take note of the number given here as this is your computers current IP address, and you will have to enter this number into PC Remote on the computer that is to control this computer.

Now on the computer that is to control the other computer, start PC Remote and select, "Connect to a remote computer." Now click "Next." Next, select the option that says, "Network or Internet." This will allow you to enter the other computers IP address in the text box labeled, "IP Address." Once you put this IP address in this text box all that remains is to click on "Finish."

NOTE - If you are working with a network that is using a Proxy Server, just click on File: Preferences to enter the Proxy Server port number information if needed.

This should allow you to control the other computer via TCP/IP

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