Activate Window

The <Activate Window> button on the Edit Macro window allows you to switch to another window or launch a program in the middle of your macro.  This is handy when you want to switch programs in the middle of a macro.  See below.

If you select "Activate a window" the Window Title field is enabled.  You can type the title or part of the title of a window that you will assume is currently running in the system when the macro is executed.  At the point in the macro when you insert this command EZ Macros will search for a window with this title and bring it to the foreground. 

If you select "Launch a program" the Launch Program group of fields are activated and the Window Title field is disabled.  Type the program location in the Program Filename field that you want to run.  Use the <Browse> button if you need help locating the program.  If the program you want to run requires parameters, enter those in the "Parameters" field.  Normally these are documented in the vendors documentation.  After the program is launched you can specify a time delay.  This is the number of seconds to wait until the macro continues.

If you select "Launch a program and activate it", both sets of fields are activated and you can do both.  First the program is run, then the time delay, then the window you specify is activated.