How to use EZ Macros

EZ Macros uses a wizard to guide you through the process of creating a macro.  Each step comes with complete instructions on the window describing what to do.  Give it a try!

Macros can be launched in several ways.  You can launch a macro by simply pressing a hot key,  with an abbreviated key sequence (aka Type-A-Macro),  or by waiting for a certain window to appear.

How do I...?

Create a mouse and keyboard macro and launch instantly

Launch a list of programs instantly

Start my web browser and go to a specific web site instantly

Activate my hot keys

Edit a macro

Edit my list of programs to launch

Delete a macro

Enable or disable a macro

Test my macro? Or just run it from the EZ Macros main window

Create and send email instantly

Check my email with  a macro

Create a menu of macros to pick from

Convert a macro to an EXE file (a self playing program)

Call a DLL from a macro

Reboot the computer in a macro

Copy, Rename, Delete a file in a macro

Schedule a macro to run at a certain time

Activate a window or program in a macro

Insert a time delay in a macro

Insert a pause in a macro

Play a beep or a sound (WAV file) in a macro

"Include" macro data in a macro

Type the current date or time in a macro

Stop a macro during playback

Create a password macro for America Online

Import macros from other macro files

Protect my macros from others seeing them

Simulate a mouse click

Upgrade to the latest version of EZ Macros

Helpful Hints

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