How do I schedule a macro to run at a certain time?

You may wish to schedule a macro to run at a particular time.  We highly recommend EZ Scheduler from American Systems. EZ Scheduler is a FREE program from American Systems.  It is not trialware, it is totally free.  EZ Scheduler is specifially designed to work with EZ Macros and other American Systems products.  It allows you to run tasks such as macros and many other types of programs Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once, When Windows Starts, and more.  You can download this program from our web site at

Notice on the main EZ Macros window there is a "Schedule" button.  When you have installed EZ Scheduler, the <Schedule> Button prompts you to choose how you want to run your macro, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Once, When Windows Starts, etc.  Then that's all you have to worry about.

If you already have a scheduler or just want to run a macro from the command line just pass the '-r' folowed by the hot key of the macro to run.  You must also pass the macro filename on the command line.

For example, the following command

"C:\Program Files\American Systems\EZ Macros\EZMacros.exe"  -r"Ctrl + Shift + M" "D:\My Macros\My Program Macros.ezm"

Starts EZ Macros, runs the macro associated with the "Ctrl + Shift + M" hot key in the "D:\My Macros\My Program Macros.ezm" file and then shuts down EZ Macros.  (Note: Be sure to put a space before and after the '+' character in the hot key parameter.)

Be sure to include the quotes when specifying the macro to run.

Below are some screen shots of EZ Scheduler.