How do I edit my list of programs to launch?

1. Select the program list you wish to edit and click the <Edit> button.  Make sure that the macro 'type' in the main EZ Macros window is 'Program'.

2. You now see your list of programs.  See the window below.

3. If you want to add programs to the list of programs to execute, click the <Add> button to add a program to launch.  The window below will appear.

In the 'Program field' type the path to the program  you wish to run.  You can click the <Browse> button to help you find your program.  In the 'Parameters' field, type the command line parameters to the program.  If you want the program to run minimized, click the 'Run Minimized' box.

For example, if you want to run Paintbrush minimized and have it automatically load a BMP file from the C:\WINDOWS directory you would enter


in the "Program" field and enter


in the "Parameters" field and check the "Run Minimized" box.

After you click <Ok> you will return to the program list window mentioned in item 2.  You will see your program listed in the list.  Now you can add more programs to the list if you wish.  If you have more than one program in the list you can rearrange them by pressing the <Move Up> and <Move Down> keys.

If you want to edit a particular program on the list, select the one you want and click <Edit>.  The window below will appear.

You can edit anything on the window.  When you are finished, press the <Ok> button. 

4. You may now continue editing items in the list or click <Next> to finish.

5. After you click the <Next> button, you can enter a description for this macro.  This will help you to remember what this macro does when you come back to it later.